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Custom Crush Operations

Entering the wine industry presents several options, all of which involve a hefty weight of regulatory and financial responsibilities. Napa Wine Company is a facility that has the capability to carry some of that weight as a custom crush producer. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled staff Napa Wine Company offers services from the grape to the bottle and everything in-between. Napa Wine Company provides the ability for start-up wineries to develop and establish their brands.


Services Provided

Custom Crush - Crushing & Fermenting

Crushing/ Fermenting

  • Standard Crush
  • Crush For Juicing / Must Chill
  • Whole Cluster Pressing
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • Irrigator or Hand Pump-Overs
  • Certified Weigh masters
Custom Crush - Winemaking / Tank Storage

Winemaking / Tank Storage

  • Temperature-Controlled Stainless Storage
  • Lees Filtration
  • Additions
  • Racking
  • Blending
  • Fining
  • Heat & Cold Stabilization
  • Pressure Leaf Filtration
  • Plate & Frame Filtration
  • Cross Flow Filtration
Custom Crush - Barrel Storage

Barrel Storage

  • Temperature-Controlled & Humidified Barrel Aging
  • New Barrel Preparation
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • General Barrel Services (Topping, Racking, Additions)
Custom Crush - Analysis


  • Brix
  • Total Acid (Automated Titration)
  • pH
  • Total & Free SO2
  • Alcohol
  • Heat & Cold Stability
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Enzymatic R.S. And Malate
  • Volatile Acidity
  • Specific Gravity
  • O2
  • Bottling QA/QC
  • Routine Wine / Lot Maintenance
Custom Crush - Packaging


  • Custom Packaging
  • Package Consulting
  • Screw-Cap Bottling Capability
Custom Crush - Compliance


  • General BATF / ABC
  • Wine Tracking / Reporting
  • Label Registration

"Napa Wine Co.'s staff and equipment gives me maximum flexibility over the entire winemaking, aging and bottling process. They allow me to showcase my client's fruit without the risk of owning and running a winery."
Heidi Barrett – Consulting Winemaker

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