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Our Facility

FacilityStarting in 1993, the Pelissa family converted the former Inglenook facility from a mass production winery into a state-of-the-art custom crush facility.

FacilityWith an incredible team of craftsmen under the guidance of Production Winemaker Kristi Koford, the resulting winery combines flexibility and scale, typical trade-offs in wine production. Crushing capacity is 12,000 tons annually, although the facility crushes only 7,000 in order to isolate and handle individual lots according to client needs.

  • The crush pad can receive harvested fruit in all ways associated with wine grape production.
  • FacilityRed tank fermentation range in size from 6 to 60 tons in capacity, while white tank fermentation range in size from 5 to 150 tons.
  • A customized wine tracking system designed specifically for Napa Wine Company facilitates the complex production process.
  • Two state-of-the-art bottling lines to facilitate the highest detail in packaging needs as well as screw cap capability.

The investment in quality equipment didn't stop in the 90s. For the 2001 vintage, the company began using its new underground press pit, a large, cement-lined cavity that is home for new, French-made crusher de-stemmers, four presses and associated hoppers. FacilityThe traditional augurs that move fruit were removed and replaced with conveyor belts that gently move fruit. The gravity-flow design and equipment facilitates hand-sorting, whole cluster pressings, and other techniques used to make luxury wines.

Early in 2002 Napa Wine Company was the first in the Napa Valley to offer screw cap capability. Since then we have assisted many wineries in the research and decision making to offer their products with this alternative closure.

In 2006 an Ultra Premium Sorting System coupled with the Le Trieur™ designed by P&L Specialties Facility - Le Trieur - P&L Specialtieswas introduced to the array of services. This sorting system allows winemakers to pre and post sort the fruit during the de-stemming process to assure only the highest quality fruit is being used to make their wines.

Most recently in 2007, two new presses were purchased to replace older well used ones. These presses are much more efficient and have incorporated in them a CIP (clean in place) system to help assure more efficient cleaning as well as quality.  

At this time, more than 60 wineries produce over 150 individual wines each vintage.

“NWC offers the latest and most creative winemaking technologies that ensure the opportunity to make the best wines from Napa Valley and the world.”    
Rob Lawson – Pavi Wines


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